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My hero in RomaLoving Languages.

Men like to please us and provide for us.

It’s just that they are a bit battered as they have
a go, get it wrong, deal with our criticism………

Have you tried this?……

Before you ask your man to do something
for you, ask him if he is busy.

If he says yes, ask him again later and if he
says no, make the request.

I use as one example, –
Please would you get my yoga strap out of the car?

Sometimes he looks a bit grumpy when I ask him
to do things for me. I tend now to ignore those and
thank him when he still does it. If he doesn’t do it I
let it go.

I look for ways so he feels good. I do know now
that he’s not able to read my mind. He doesn’t see
things that need doing like I do.

Give it a go!
Ask him if he’s busy first and experiment from there……

August 2015

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