Sublime Silly Season: Christmas Overwhelm

Christmas OverwhelmChristmas Overwhelm.

You know when that sense of panic comes over you?

That feeling there is too much to do, that the thought
you just had and you don’t know which list to write it on,
and how you feel just so full of ‘energy’ you just can’t
relax or switch off?

It happens at other times of the year too, it’s just that
Christmas racks it up even more?

Great, if you’ve noticed it.

Great if you like the feeling……?

If you don’t like it much and want to diffuse it a little
read on……

I find it happens more to me if I get ‘caught up’ in the

The shops are full of things that tempt me, ‘make’
me think I can restyle my tree, add a reindeer or two…..
have a different food or more…..get those ‘Christmas

Being aware of being ‘pulled in’ is a great first step.
It gives me the awareness now to notice myself,
my responses, my heart rate and then when I
notice it something shifts inside me and my
‘mood’ changes.

I find I can catch myself now, more and more,
and not get pulled into it all……

It’s almost like I become an observer and can enjoy
all the hype and not feel the need to ‘join in’.

So if you find yourself being ‘pulled into’ overwhelm,
start to notice what’s going on. The first step is just to
notice it and from there change can begin……