Feeling Your Feelings - 6 mulitcoloured emojis showing different emotionsMost people recognise that they have feelings.

Many people don’t know how to feel and heal
their feelings…..

It’s easy to ‘feel’ when it’s outside your body, like
a stubbed toe, trapped finger or a bang on the leg.

What’s not so easy for many of us folks is feeling
internal pain, like the ones associated with emotions
such as anger, sadness, loneliness or grief.

We sort of know we are feeling something and at the
same time are often more in our head with the ‘story’
of what’s happening rather than being present to,
and with, the feeling or sensation in our bodies.

When we bang the outside of our body, our physical
selves, we tend to say ouch and rub it better. We pay
it a bit of attention, even if it’s only for a short while.

How about doing the same with our internal ouches?

A good place to start is when you feel ‘frustration’.

In the car, the queue, being late, something that’s
lost, someone ‘letting you down’ again, the
Christmas hype and pressure……

Notice where you feel this in your body.

If you’re new to this, you may think it’s in your head.

And to a certain extent that is true, as that’s where
the ‘conversation’ you are having with yourself
about the situation you are in, is happening.

Look, instead, for the feeling in your body, usually in your

It maybe in your stomach area, or your throat, or your
heart area……go have a look, find it and feel it.

Most of us shy away from feeling the feeling as it
doesn’t feel great!

Many of us have become so good at packing our
feelings away that we don’t even know how to feel

It may take practice to connect with them again…..

As children we collected the message that to feel
(let alone express) cross, angry or sad was
wrong, bad, not allowed.

So we have some ‘programming’ that reinforces our
resistance or inability to feel our internal feelings.
Not only does it not feel so good, we think it’s ‘wrong’
to feel it!

Feelings are not good or bad. Someone else’s excited
feeling could be someone else’s frightened…..(on a
roller coaster for example)

Stepping through the fear of feeling your feelings is
the first step to healing your feelings.

Healing your feelings allows you to grow and stay
healthy. There is more evidence, now than ever,
that the pushing down, ignoring or repression of
feelings brings health problems to many people.

Peace Processing is the way to feel and heal your
feelings. By staying with the feeling, not wanting
it to go or pushing it down, staying present to it,
saying ouch and giving it your internal minds eye
rub, you are doing wonders for your self and your

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