How To Feel Good Every Day

Actions speak louder than words... It's in the 'doing' where love is seen and felt....... Anyone can say I love you, it's actions that show love. XxxSomething quick and easy this week……

How about a daily agreement?
Something you choose and do every day,
consciously, come hell or high water, that
makes you feel good?

A daily act of love.

A free gift.

What will you do?

One, same thing, every day for one week?

Ideas – every day……consciously….
Pick up that piece of litter and pop it in a bin
Phone a friend
Send a loving text
Smile at a stranger
Kiss your man
Be fully present when listening to someone
Make your bed
Iron something with love
Meditate for 5 mins
Stop and look at the view for 5 mins

Something of your own?

The key is to be conscious when you do it…..

Let me know how you get on and how you feel!?