Time for change?

Time for change?Surrendering
Letting go
Going with the flow
No longer controlling

All of the above, when I remember, give me such
peace in myself and delight in my relationship…..

Not having to remember everything, keep a tight
control on everything so nothing ‘goes wrong’,
feeling like I am the ‘bad guy’ as I chivvie everyone
into their jobs or places…….

An endless stream of instruction, demands, requests
from my lips…..a knot in my stomach, rushing to the
next thing…..feeling guilty that I am ‘not listening’ to them!

Oh, how awful it felt…….

Now, I’m slower. I notice when the old Sundy want to
‘take charge’, feels she can do it better, quicker, with less

How about you?

Is this you? –
Uptight, stressed, racing to get it all done, bossy,
instructional and a bit dismissive of his offers of help
or even saying to yourself things like – ‘if I didn’t do
it nobody would’?

Time for change?

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