Pass the ‘negative energy parcel’ story……

Cast off the negative energies
I used to ‘pass on’ other people’s ‘negative 


I wasn’t aware that I was doing this, that it
was a coping technique learned at a very
young age…..
I was hit, you see, and yelled at and criticised,
judged, made fun of, teased til I cried…..
So I learned to ‘pass it on’ and did just the same..
…(most often on others who were not the original
energy passers…).
Then I learnt that it was ‘their stuff’.
I took charge of me, changed and started stopping 
‘passing it on’.
This phase took me to ‘keeping it in’.
Before, the negative had been ‘released’ onto others..
…now I was ‘keeping hold of it’ whilst slowly realising
it was making me ill, collecting all this kaka and not
releasing it.
Slowly I learned to vent, dance, cry, howl, peace
process. Learning to release the negative energy
from me in new ways that didn’t ‘pass it back’ or
on to others.
And there was a back log! Tons of the shinola to
I learned how and where and with whom……
Now, today, I’m in the phase of not ‘collecting’ it in 
the first place.
Practising saying no. Creating my boundaries.
Not being around those who are ‘unkind’ to me.
Saying ‘ouch’ when someone says something that
I feel hurt by.
Letting others know when I feel hurt by something
they have done or said…..
And still releasing…….vent, howl, cry, dance, shake
it off and out…..
This unlearning and relearning process has taken
the best part of 12 years, maybe more……
If you see you in this story…….
Much love and holding.