How to……Start That Conversation…..

How to have 'that' conversationIf your relationship is not as you would like
it to be, then how do you start that conversation?

How do you start the chat that you would like
things to be different between you?

How do you say the words, I’m not feeling good
about how we are……?

Does this fill you with a mixture of horror, dread…..
and yet you know it’s something you ‘need’ to do?

I’ve been learning how to do this for myself…..and it
is quite easy….(once you have parked your limiting

I create a belief in me that he is ‘open’ to talking…

Next, I ask him if he will chat with me about our
relationship and when will be a good time for him
to do this….

Chat time gets agreed.

We meet, I share what’s on my mind (owning it,
not blaming him for the situation) and ask him what
his thoughts are around that, or how he feels about

I then listen. And more listening. If I’m asked a
question I answer it as succinctly and directly as
I know how to – no long stories….and more listening….

I’m looking to him to make a suggestion on how the
situation I brought to him might change…..what he
might do or not do to sort it….

At the end I thank him.

Give it a shot, see if it works for you?

And if you want more ‘in depth’ and bespoke….
get in touch….

Free session available as is a personalised coaching package…..designed just for you and your own
issues……cos we are all different…..and you are so
worth it!