My own relationship update!

My own relationship update!
As you can see, we are happy to be back together after Stephen’s trip to Israel.

An overdue update on mine and Stephens

We are working through it.
Still together and living together with him
staying in our home increasingly more….
His mum is less able now (she had a stroke
a number of years ago) and unable to live
semi independently as she has been doing
for a number of years.
Stephen was living with her when we met
and although he moved in with me, I
understand that he always felt responsible
for his mum as her ‘carer in charge’.
He agrees that this chosen role has wiped
him out.
As he puts it – “I am out if give, there is nothing 
left in my pot, not even for me”
So, I have been, probably always, been getting
the bits he could give me, the crumbs…….
I’m ok with that, now, after working through the
realisation of it and also seeing how I had
picked up a mother role with him……looking
after his needs and preempting what they
were without him having to ask…..
So in a way, both of us have been colluding
(unknowingly) in the creation of our  relationship
and instead of being in a lover energy we
have mostly been in a parenting one……
Great to see and what next?
Well we have sourced ourselves some coaching 
with Stevi Ross who I feel sure will give us new resources
as we take our intimacy journey together with her.
Stephen has just got back from a 10 day break in Israel
As you can see in the photo, we are happy to be back
I’ll keep you posted……
Much love