Dealing with resentment……..

Blog - dealing with resentmentIf you want to move your relationship with your man
into another realm, one of closeness, connection,
respect and honour, there are things you can do. 

So many things. 

The ‘problem’ is ‘remembering’ them, keeping on
doing them (even when you REALLY don’t want to)
and celebrating when you remember to do them!!

You see our relationship depends on us ‘doing’ things. 

If we do new things instead of ‘trying’ to stop doing
the old things, that’s when magic happens!

It’s much easier to start doing new things instead of
stopping doing the old…….

A thing you can start today is noticing when
‘resentment’ comes up in you……any feelings of
being ‘taken for granted’.

This is the signal to literally down tools and immerse
yourself in self care. No matter what!

Doing something just for you, that you enjoy, that
‘fills’ you up……

This is SO important. I can’t stress this enough!!

You see, if you don’t fill you up, you are running on
empty and that is so damaging to yourself and the
others around you………

Self love, self care……it’s essential.

We know it, now it’s time to really practice it…..
no matter what!