Self care and boundaries

Blog - Self care and boundariesEver watched or listened to yourself whilst knowingly
not looking after yourself?

Fascinating isn’t it?

Watching yourself keep listening (and maybe even
agreeing with) someone who is insistent on making
everything a problem. ‘The grumbler…..’

How about staying in a room where every fibre in
your body wants you to leave……?

Or not going to the loo when you need it,
just because it’s not a ‘good’ time

Eating food someone gives you, even when you know
it will upset your sense of well being….

Accepting the drink you don’t want…..

Having sex because it will ‘make him happy’…..(and
keep him off your case for a while…..)

Wearing shoes that pinch….
Eating food so hot it burns you….
Rushing food….

There’s much talk about self care in relation to doing
the things that fill us up, like hobbies, interests and

Whilst these are very self nurturing and essential,
unless we get the basics sorted it’s a bit like putting
a top coat of paint over a flaking wall…….

First step?
Noticing where you compromise yourself, your inner
voice, what’s really true for you….

Next steps
Explore (with support, if you are short on ideas or
bravery) how to say and do things so you can elegantly
decline or leave.

Learning to love you, prioritise you, take care of you.

Love you