A Love Note From Stephen: On Sundy’s Adventure

Sundy and her husband StephenOnce a month, my husband Stephen has agreed to write an article with his perspective on (our) relationship. 

So Sundy has started her adventure.

As I write this Sundy is starting her horse retreat in Kamloop B.C.
And my adventures also begin.

A journey to support me to grow and expand my life, my feelings ,my universe.

Before she left I was challenged by an episode where a guy called Sundy up asking if she wanted sex before she left…. Interesting! 

Great that Sundy was able to share this with me.
Great that I didn’t drop straight into the masculine and track him down and undertake a non surgical penectomy.

I will make it important to have an interesting conversation with this man soon.

The next challenge was letting go at the Airport.

A tearful dance of being brave, being real, being the rock, being vulnerable!

So how am I doing?

I’m doing great.
My clients ask if I’m coping. Yes I can look after myself I can cook, clean, I know how all the kitchen white goods work.
I’m eating consciously, low/no sugar, one coffee per day, no booze, gluten free bread,
I’m exercising more , Started 5 rhythms dancing, booked my next cuddle workshop,
And signed up for a 8 hour wild man dance.
I am doing my daily Epic love meditation
I practice my Awaking the Dragon routines
I am at day 10 of my 28 day living implacably practice and daily webinar with Will Pye
Of the Love and truth party.
Sundy and I connect somehow everyday.
I am strong I feel the strength in the connection Sundy and I have.
We are real,we wobble,things may get tough,and I know we will survive !

I miss you.
I love you.

And I don’t need to be needed .

I enjoy my life, I  leap most days.

Enjoy your retreat.
87 days and counting.

Stephen Waite, Sundy’s Husband