How The End Of My Adventure Helps In Relationships

Last Travel Note

My adventure ended. (Round the world in 6 months)
And I’ve relinquished into surrender and vulnerability……

How does this help in relationships?

In the relationship I have with myself, it allows me to
be kind to myself, look after myself and really step
out of self judgement and criticism and into self respect,
appreciation, compassion and love.

In my relationship with others, it allows me to receive
support, love, affirmations, practical help and
reassurance. It’s also allowed me to let go and cry
buckets over the real love I feel from others.

In my intimate relationship with Stephen, it allows
me to be taken care of, nurtured and loved, just as
I am. It allows him to step in and be my guide for a
while, my source of comfort and home.

It’s been a big thing for both of us. Starting an adventure
that impacted us both greatly (the full affect of
which has to still to unfold) and has left us both in a place
of mild anxiety and depression.

It seems our relationship is going through yet another
‘watershed’ as we grow into a bigger version of ourselves
and in our love relationship together…….

So, the lesson in all of this is –
Surrender and vulnerability is required to create connection
with self and others. Of course it’s risky………and it’s
risky not to too…….

For more on vulnerability see Brene Brown on YouTube……

Much love