Last Travel Note: The Adventure Ends Early

I'm just doing my bestWell
I’m home.
It was too difficult for me and I broke down
I stopped enjoying myself, eating and talking.
The decision took a few days and a lot of soul searching.
I’m under the care of the doctor and back on anti depressants,
something I thought I would not be taking ever again…..
I could pretend that I am fine, put on a face and carry on as 
normal, but why?
As we all move into a more ‘enlightened’ time of humanness,
isn’t it time that we all speak out truth, show up for real and do
our best for ourselves and each other?
This growing thing is sometimes tough, not always as expected
and we need each other for support.
So many of us go through tough times.
Reach out for love and support, it’s always there and often in 
unexpected places.
Much love.