The Power of Good Questions

Writing my article this week is a push.
I have a super strong drive in me to be fully authentic
and not to close down or disappear from view and life
whilst I go through some sort of change process.I have a lot of theory under my belt, a lot of intellectual
understanding of how to be, how to do things, let go,
move on……

And yet, when it comes to ‘the edge’ of my life I have a
real tough time applying the information.

And I think I’m not alone.

I’ve learnt this week about asking questions, as a coach.

Being on the receiving end of some questions, I wonder
who is benefitting? Often it’s felt like, not me.

It made me resolve to ask questions of my clients that
serve them rather than help me understand them or the
situation they are in.

Sometimes we don’t need to understand as long as the
people we are supporting understands a little more of
themselves through some careful questions.

So, I resolve, to slow down, think and ask questions in ways
that allow the person to unfold themselves in their own time
and direction that has little to do with whether I understand
their process or not.

After all, who am I to lead anyone down any path, that is
not of their own choosing?

With love.