Coaching With Authenticity: Bringing The Darkness Into The Light

From the dark into the lightI’m a Coach
A Love and Relationship Coach
And I’m good at it too.
Really good, and getting better at it all the time!

And I have my life and my problems, same as all of us….

I believe it’s through my work and growing through these
that make me an exceptional Coach with the authenticity,
openness, integrity, self love and trust I hold in me.

I choose not to ‘hide away’ and hunker down ’til the storms
pass, contrary to some advice I was given ages ago…….

Quote –
“I don’t think you should tell everyone that you get
depressed at times and have problems. People won’t
hire you. They want someone who has it all sorted out”.
– Unquote.

I’m the same as all of us; Given ‘problems’ to go and grow
through… expand my understanding and experiences of
what many of us have to deal with every day.

It’s this transparency and honesty that helps me too. I receive
support and love and kindness. And connection. So much.

I admire my strength that I still post on Facebook, share my stuff openly,
continue to coach my clients…..and, at times, I have some really
hard stuff to deal with as you may have seen on FaceBook?

Often, it’s the Coaches that have gone through really dark
stuff, that make them into the ‘best’ Coaches.

We know, you see. Often we have been there……in the darkest
of the dark…..and back into the light…….

I love you.