Do You Listen To The Voices In Your Head?

What are the voices in your head saying to you?If you’ve seen my recent posts in FaceBook, you will
have read the recent events in my life. In a nutshell,
where I had one daughter in my life, one not in and a
third one in and out, I now have none.

Long story, short, is that the bullying and abuse
became too great to bear, and the outcome of it all, is
that they have now ‘lost’ me. I let them go.
I will not be bullied anymore.

Of course, this has had an impact on my mind, no
kidding! My thoughts are all over the place at the
moment along with my feelings, emotions.

Have you ever listened to how you talk to yourself? 
I mean really listened? 

Do you ever wonder from where these ‘voices’ or
‘thoughts’ come from. I mean we tend to think they
are our thoughts, but are they? And more importantly
are they serving us to live our lives fully, in love and joy?

They rattle on in my head –

Oh, Sundy, what have you done? You’ve really cut your
nose to spite your face this time, burnt your bridges.
They’ll never come back into your life now. You silly……
Serves them right. They don’t deserve to have a mother
like me. Oh, God what about the Grandchildren. Will I
ever get to feel their little arms around my neck when
they hug me, again? Get to see their beamy smiles.
Sundy, you so did the right thing. They are bullies.

On and on and on they all argue.

Which one is me? Which is my ‘right voice’. Which is
the one to ‘believe’?

I don’t know and do you recognise this going on in
you too?

Mostly these voices are based in fear, doubt and self

And they are, what I’ve recently come to learn, the voices
of our sub personalities……..and there’s loads of them!

And I’ll talk a little bit more about these next time.


Start to listen to your voices in your head. Or ‘thinking’
as we love to call it.

We ALL have them.