Permission To Put Yourself First

Permission to put yourself firstIt’s occurred to me what the problem is.

We don’t speak up on an individual level for what’s not
right for us.

I haven’t spoken up when things have not been ok with me
for fear of offending the other.

Even when I’ve been hurting inside as a result.

I’m done with swallowing.

What happens at the individual level happens at the
global level too.

Often we think we have to either be confrontational or

War or submission.

All I need to do now is say ‘no thanks’ or ‘stop’ or ‘ouch’
to things that aren’t right for me.

I don’t have to be inconsiderate or rude.

Speak up before you either kill yourself or the other in the
process of not being true to what right for you.

Time to be selfish. For the good of yourself, others and
the world !!

Seek support.