Today’s Lesson: On Speaking Up

Today's Lesson: On Speaking UpToday’s lesson.
Short and sweet.

Stephen twice now, gets into the car before me in the
morning and unlocks his passenger door (he doesn’t
drive), gets in and puts the key in the ignition.

Sits there waiting for me to come out of the house…..

Old fashioned car with central locking, only functional
from the drivers side (mine).

Day 1
I can’t open my side door nor the back door to put
my bag and coat in.
He doesn’t notice for a while as he’s on his phone.

I feel not taken care of but I don’t say anything.

Day 2
Same thing happens.
This time I speak up.
“When you do things like this I don’t feel cared for. I feel you
are only thinking of yourself”
His response –
“Well today I feel unwell, so I was thinking of myself”

Feeling in my body – really good.
Pleased with myself for speaking up.
Happy with his response and how he handled himself
around what he could have perceived as criticism!

Love my man!
Love me!