How to Break Free from your ‘Family Programme’

Breaking Free from old Family ProgrammingWell!
What a year!
This has been the year I broke free, finally, from an old,
old patterned behaviour. My family ‘programme’

In its simplest form, being bullied.

If you’ve been alongside me in the journey (especially
these last 3 months) a deep huge hug of gratitude from
me. Xx

What I feared the most, and was ‘playing the game’ to keep,
eventually happened.

All my daughters and their young families are now out of my

I dreaded this happening. It’s been a long drawn out process
over 10 years, and it’s now finally over.

It takes something when your own children repeat the patterns
of a family programme, for you to see what you are up against.

And that’s what it took for me to see.

My kids being mean, dismissive, treating me with disdain,
excluding me from family, grandchildren, information,
celebrations. Getting the police out to me, saying I need
psychiatric help, calling my doctor, calling 111.
Rejection, unkindness and bullying.

It’s been hell. And I wasn’t brave enough to let go earlier.
And I didn’t have the skills to do it differently either.

I learnt though and I’ve done it now.
And I feel so good, so free.

It’s tough to share in the public domain, mainly as I see it is
socially unacceptable, still, to hang your personal laundry
out in public.

It’s sort of essential though………

Some of you may cringe at reading this. I wonder why?
What are your own thoughts, feelings?
Is there something like this going on for you?

Many of us have something like this in our history. Some
closet secret. Something that stops us from being in love
with ourselves, fully present, in our power and useful to
ourselves, others and the planet.

Now, more than ever, we are needed to clean our own lives up.
If we all did this the world would heave a sigh of healing relief.

I may not have done it so elegantly, but at least I did it.

Until we all can truly love, respect and honour ourselves and
live in our own integrity, the world will continue just as is.

Believe me, at the other side of those difficult decisions and
actions is peace, self love and joy.

There were many things I’ve learned and the three biggest are –

  1. The real meaning of self love, what it feels like to put myself
    first, honour myself as if I was my own lover.
  2. Creating and maintaining boundaries without making others
    wrong (work in progress, this one!)
  3. Loving without attachment, need, from another. I still love
    my daughters, I always will, and I don’t ‘need’ them to be
    anything for me anymore.


Get support.
The truth will set you free.

Love you with a passion