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Sundy Gilchrist - Healing Parents of Estranged Adult ChildrenMy name is Sundy Gilchrist and I am a Healing from Estrangement mum. 

I have 3 adult daughters who, at this point, choose to not be in my life.

I’m 10+ years in and it’s been one of the worst and best life events, so far, in my life.

I’ve been –
bullied, yelled at, accused, ignored, been treated disdainfully and had the police called out to me on 2 occasions.

I’ve learnt –
Compassion, self love, self worth, new communication skills, healing techniques, how to let go, look after myself, heal the pain, boundaries, create a new life whilst still holding hope for change…..continue living.

I’m a love and relationship coach and with my skills, learning and first hand experience, I am ideally placed to coach others through the unbelievable situation of bereavement through estrangement.

If this is you, and you are looking for support to ease you through this most painful of situations I can help.

For more information and to book a confidential, compassionate and no charge explore session with me, please get in touch.

Call me on +44(0)7765117349
Email me at sundygilchrist@gmail.com
Or join my support group – Healing Parents of Estranged Adult Children. Find out more HERE.

Have a watch of the video on here and remember to pick up your free ‘how to’ copy of setting simple, elegant and effective boundaries around your adult children.

With love