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This Healing Parents from Estranging Adult Children group, forms a vital part of a support, healing and coaching service with me, Sundy Gilchrist. Watch the video below for more information and scroll down to find out more how to join.

All of the parents in this unique online group are looking to heal from this isolating, crazy, and extraordinarily painful, type of bereavement, either with or without reconnection with their adult children.

Being part of the group you get support, ideas, resources and connection with others to help with the feeling of isolation that can occur as a result of being rejected by your adult children.

I play an active role in the group. Holding the space, coaching when it’s asked for and appropriate, sharing my experience of my own estrangement by my 3 adult daughters and their children, my grandchildren.

You can be as quiet or as participatory as you want.

One of the things that many of the women (of which we are the majority In the group, by far) say, is that to share and realise they are not the only ones in this nightmare situation has been the saving of them.

“There are a number of similar types of support groups. I joined about 5 but dropped out of 2 after observing negativity and people being less than kind. This group makes me feel I am safe here. The last thing anyone needs who has suffered estrangement is to encounter judgement, lack of sensitivity or compassion let alone drama. Thank you all for being kind and supportive. It’s what we all need, and why we are here.”

“Sundy, I NEED this place and your gentle, loving guidance. Because it exists, I stopped therapy which hasn’t gotten me anywhere and costs me $35 a week. I get more out of the support and safety here than anything else I’ve tried. I’ll be happy to stay with you in this group.” (Janet Keesey Smith, July 2017)

“I need this group…I feel as though I have finally taken a deep breath for the first time in 7 years. Self help books, family & friends, are all important but I now see a glimpse of the wholeness I’ve been missing without the “community” of others who are like me.”

What to do next…

By clicking on the PayPal button below, you can subscribe to join the group, you’ll also receive my free e-book (how to build beautiful boundaries with your adult children) and receive regular emails from me full of support, healing and ideas for rebuilding relationships with your adult children and /or yourself.

Subscription is $10 USD (or equivalent in other currencies) and paid monthly. There is no minimum or maximum months you need to join, so you are free to trial it to see if it’s a good fit for you.

No contract and a self set up payment at your end keeps you in charge of your subscription and membership….

Looking forward to meeting you in the group!

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