Dr. Joanna Martin

“When I first met Sundy I was blown away
by her obvious deep love and understanding
of men. If you get a chance to work with her,
you should grab it with both hands.”

Dr. Joanna Martin


“I really appreciate your help and patience whilst working with us. Because I believe if you hadn’t we probably wouldn’t have got to today, still married.  Yesterday I think could have been the turning point for change. Just taking each day at a time.” (Husband, couple’s coaching client)

“Thank you so much for your time tonight. I have this little spark of excitement in the pit of my stomach; I never thought we’d uncover something potentially life changing, it’s taken me by surprise! Bless you for reaching out to me, I’m looking forward to taking my first steps on a voyage of discovery. I am so looking forward to working with you.” A new client

Sundy gently and supportively guided me through describing what issues are holding me back from my dreams and how I would feel if I could achieve these goals. Her thought provoking questions and explorations of where I physically hold my fears and tensions were truly enlightening! I gained clarity around the links between my thoughts and physical feelings and have identified ways to move forwards and make positive changes”. In terms of whats been happening since, I got completely suprised by my boyfriend proposing to me so we’re now engaged and planning to get married this Autumn and move in together of course LOL! I remember we discussed my experiences of holding tension in my throat which also alters my breathing and I’ve been working on this with my yoga practice. Thank you for these sessions!” Sally

“I now know who you remind me of…..you ready for this? It’s Suzy Quatro. You’ve got that energy drive….definitely….you spur me on. That record she sings – Devils Gate Drive. Symbolically you have that fire that enables you to help yourself and others, to recycle and recreate ourselves positively. Thanks for today. Always curious and you make me smile and realise how far I have come and how far yet to go. Just at the beginning of self awareness but feel ok and celebrating!” Jen

“I was intrigued when I saw Sundy carrying the ‘Surrendered Wives’ Book – I read the back of it and although I thought that the principles of the book went against everything I believe in terms of equality, I also identified with what it said on the back of the book! My main challenges were feeling irritated by my partner and wanting to control him….I wanted to go back to the days when I felt madly in love, didn’t pick fault and had the utmost respect for him. Working with Sundy helped me to work out the things I was doing in my relationship that weren’t working, i.e. controlling and not respecting my partner and we made a plan each week to try different activities that would help me address this. When I was conscious of my unhelpful behaviour within the relationship and worked on this, I found a real shift in the dynamics of the relationship. I felt less stressed and enjoyed my partner more! Sundy is a fantastic listener, with a great sense of humour who ‘got’ me and my relationship. Working with Sundy was a learning curve and a work in progress and as such I had trips and falls along the way, however I always felt able to be honest about these things due to Sundy being so supportive.” Nicola

“As an emotionally intelligent women I was growing increasingly self aware that I needed to invest in myself. Sundy’s name came to me through a social media group. I believe in ‘signs’ and felt that this was an opportunity. After our first session, I had connected with Sundy. I am facing some professional challenges and intermittent personal barriers. These were making me feel very low at times, snappy, lacking in confidence and over whelmingly emotional. I was concerned about the effect I was having on the ‘mummy time’ I was spending with my son. Working with Sundy has enabled me to take an impartial and objective view of my current situation. The over thinking was exhausting! The mental filing that I was struggled to find resolution with, has been sped up by working with Sundy, and I have grown in positivity about the future. Sundy has provided me with the tools to deflect the negative thoughts and has encouraged me to look at my achievements. I have also benefited from visualisation techniques which will equip me with the skills for my next chapter. Most importantly Sundy has taught me that your plan can be to….not make a plan……” Sarah R.

Thank you so much for a wonderful and inspiring evening. I think it is amazing work and especially like the fact that it is for women … when I got home and Mick asked how it was I said “don’t worry, I’m not going to drag you along for joint coaching, it’s for women” and he said “brilliant, she sounds ace” and asked no more about it! 🙂 Thank you. I think all this stuff is really helpful – just to have awareness of it as I go along. Also I find you really easy to talk to, share with, work with. Sarah